Kiran Kumar Grandhi: Introducing the Individual Overseeing a Company Valued at Rs 32,202 Crore, Son of India’s Wealthiest Logistics Sector Billionaire

Kiran Kumar Grandhi serves as both the CEO and Managing Director of GMR Airports Infrastructure Limited. Furthermore, he holds the position of Corporate Chairman within the GMR Group, where he is responsible for overseeing Group Finance and Corporate Strategy, Planning, and Development.

Kiran Kumar Grandhi

He is the younger offspring of Indian billionaire magnate GM Rao, who occupies the role of Chairman within the GMR Group. GM Rao stands as the wealthiest individual in India’s logistics sector. His real-time net worth, as of August 19, 2023, tallies up to a substantial USD 1.7 billion, equivalent to roughly Rs 14,130 crore.

Grandhi holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce and has been an integral part of the Company’s Board since 1999. The market capitalization of GMR Airports reached Rs 32,202 crore by August 18, 2023. On the previous Friday, the company’s shares were valued at Rs 53.10. Under the umbrella of the GMR Group, the company operates airports in Hyderabad and Delhi, as well as the Mactan Cebu International Airport in the Philippines.

He has played a pivotal role in securing numerous successful infrastructure contracts for the Group through Public-Private Partnerships with both Central and State Governments. These ventures span various sectors such as Airports and Highways. Grandhi led the GMR Group to triumph in bids for airports in Hyderabad, Delhi, Istanbul, and Male. Additionally, he spearheaded the construction of Delhi Airport’s Terminal 3, achieving completion in record time.

Assuming the role of Corporate Chairman for the GMR Group in 2013, Grandhi has been at the forefront of the group’s fundraising endeavors. His spouse, Ragini Kiran Grandhi, holds a Directorial position within the GMR Varalakshmi Foundation. The couple is blessed with two sons: Master GM Ruchir and Master GM Riddhiman.

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