QJ Motor’s OAO Pro Electric Sportsbike: A Promising Contender in the Electric Motorcycle Landscape; Offers 170km Battery Range

QJ Motor’s OAO Pro: While Ola Electric’s recent motorcycle concepts have garnered significant attention in India, a fresh electric motorcycle has emerged in the Chinese market, demanding its own spotlight. Introducing the OAO Pro, a creation by the renowned Chinese two-wheeler giant, QJ Motor.

QJ Motor's OAO Pro Electric Sportsbike

Originally unveiled as the RX during EICMA 2022, the OAO Pro has undergone notable refinements in various specifications. Notably, the battery range has seen a remarkable boost, now boasting an impressive 170km compared to its initial 120km. The core of this electric motorcycle lies in its mid-mounted motor, achieving a peak of 10kW, drawing its power from a robust 6.4kWh battery pack.

A distinctive feature that sets the OAO Pro apart is its incorporation of a unique four-speed transmission system, a departure from the norm in the electric vehicle realm. This promises a riding experience more akin to traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, a departure from the typical gearless electric bikes. However, it’s important to note that the top speed of 96kmph doesn’t quite align with the overarching theme of an electric sportbike. By way of comparison, the recently tested Ultraviolette F77 Recon achieves a top speed of 147kmph.

On a positive note, the QJ OAO Pro boasts a modest weight of 164kg, making it an agile option for daily commuting. Its manageable seat height of 790mm ensures accessibility, particularly for riders of shorter stature. Additional features of the OAO Pro encompass standard ABS, an LCD console, a comprehensive LED lighting system, and a user-friendly USB charging port. Moreover, the motorcycle’s design is notably captivating and harmonizes seamlessly with QJ’s range of traditional ICE motorcycles.

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Within the Chinese market, the OAO Pro electric motorcycle carries a price tag of 29,999 Yuan (approximately Rs 3.45 lakh), positioning it on the more budget-friendly end of the spectrum. Unfortunately, there are no immediate plans for the OAO Pro to make its way to the Indian market.

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